Schwarzwald (Germany) + Grossglockner (Austria) 2014


Donau river between Linz-Passau
Dunarea intre Linz-Passau  

the deers ...

The Hohenzollern castle/ Hechingen, Germany
Castelul de Hohenzollern

France border on the horizon
in departare granita Frantei


The Mummelsee

a short brake
o scurta pauza

Zell am See / Austria

the Grossglockner entrance
intranrea pe Grossglockner

unfortunately I have not seen anything over 5 meters until this point
din pacate nu am vazut nimic peste 5 metri pana in acest punct

+ 5 °C

Margitsziget Budapest
Insula Margit

thanks for the hospitality of my old friend Mirabela
multumesc pentru ospitalitate vechi mele prietene Mirabela :))

total 3996 km (more than 1500 km of continuous rain)
(peste 1500 km a plouat continuu)     

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